Arabian Mares

The backbone of every breeding programme are the females and Ennerdale has spent 66 years consolidating a uniform and functional band of broodmares.


Ennerdale Montanya (Izmir imp U.K – Muskira)

Ennerdale Orilla (Izmir imp U.K – Ennerdale Olary)

Ennerdale Ondeiki ( Arfaja Robard – Ennerdale Obiri)

Ennerdale Mia (Ennerdale Mikado – Raquela)

Ennerdale Moonya (Arfaja Robard – Ennerdale Montanya)

Ennerdale Omiya (Mikinda’s Mr Magestic – Ennerdale Odessa)

Ennerdale Matilda (Marbling Nafara – Ennerdale Mikaela)

Ennerdale Orimba (Marbling Nafara – Ennerdale Orilla)

Ennerdale Moorna (Mikinda’s Mr Magestic – Ennerdale Moonya)

Oakhill Rafiqa (Ask – Oakhill Reba)   – owned in partnership with Jill Bromley

Ennerdale Whisper (PF) (Ennerdale Mikado – Ennerdale Wipsy)

Ennerdale Asta (APF) (Belbowrie Cavalier – Belbowrie Annette)

Ennerdale Silver Gift (APF) (Belbowrie Cavalier – Belbowrie Silver Souvenir)

Lexington Swing Song (WB/TB) (King of Swing – Merry Go Round)

Better Dash (ASB) (Dash For Cash (GB) – Whiskey Avenue (AUS)

Sunshine Money (ASB) – (Langfuhr (CAN) – Art Jewell (NZ)