Reference Sires

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Ennerdale Reference Sire - Guilford Future F81 (P)

Guilford Future F81 (P)

Tattoo: AJDF81

Born: 01/06/2010

Retained by Guilford. He has a pedigree full of proven performance. He has bred very well for us with his sons at Ennerdale selling to $11,000 and leaving us with some beautiful females with good milk.


Reference Sire - Allendale Washington K5 (ET) (P)

Allendale Washington K5 (ET) (P)

Tattoo: AEDK5

Born: 12/02/2014

Senior Champion and top priced bull at $47,000 at the 2016 Dubbo National Sale. Purchased by the Cascade and Devon Court Studs.


Ennerdale Fiddler AI (S)

Ennerdale Fiddler AI (S)

Tattoo: ENNX207

Born: 11/04/2002

Fiddler stood out as a calf and was out of one of our top cows. E.Matchless 98 AI also produced E.Valuta (retained as a stud sire), E.Olympic ($9,500 to South Caramut), E.Vegas ET ($10,000 to Orana Partnership), E.Bulletin ($5,000 to The Union) and four females retained. Fiddler stood fifth in a class of thirty nine bulls at the World Hereford Conference in Sydney 2004. This bull has bred us some terrific females.


Ennerdale Reference Sire - Allendale Bushman F119 (P)

Allendale Bushman F119 (P)

Tattoo: AEDF119

Born: 02/07/2010

Purchased for $28,000 at Dubbo by the Guilford Poll Hereford Stud in Tasmania. Breeding well at Guilford, Allendale and Ennerdale.


Reference Sire - Remitall – West Game Day ET 74Y (Imp Can) (P)

Remitall – West Game Day ET 74Y (Imp Can) (P)

Tattoo: 2955010

Born: 16/04/2011

Remitall-West Game Day ET 74Y was the 2012 World Hereford Conference & 2012 Junior National Grand Champion bull. He is a low birth weight bull with powerful performance.


Allendale Anzac E114 (P)

Allendale Anzac E114 (P)

Tattoo: AEDE114

Born: 15/07/2009

Anzac was sold at the 2011 Dubbo Show and Sale for $30,000 to Injemira. Since then Anzac has made a significant impact within the breed. Sons have sold to $45,000, with 18 bulls averaging $12,000 at the 2015 Injemira sale.


Ennerdale Reference Sire - Cascade Fahey F81 (P)

Cascade Fahey F81 (P)

Tattoo: CDEF81

Born: 29/06/2010

Cascade Fahey was purchased by Cannawigra Poll Herefords for $14,000. His sire was the top priced bull at Dubbo 2008, selling for $32,000.

Tested Homozygous Poll.

Ennerdale purchased semen at the Cannawigra Dispersal sale.


Reference Sire - Ennerdale Ambassador (AI) (P)

Ennerdale Ambassador (AI) (P)

Tattoo: ENNH273

Born: 20/09/2012

Our decision to retain this bull has been justified, as he has proven to be a very consistent sire. He stamps his calves.

Sons have sold to $10,000.


Ennerdale Reference Sire - Wiranya Goulburn (P)

Wiranya Goulburn (P)

Tattoo: REWX128

Born: 24/09/2002

Ennerdale purchased a large package of semen in Goulburn and he made a significant impact within the stud. His daughters are full of quality and breeding well. Sons have sold to $7,500 and Ennerdale retained Ennerdale Gilchrist and Ennerdale Gulliver as stud sires.


Reference Sire - Ennerdale Scandal (AI) (H)

Ennerdale Scandal (AI) (H)

Tattoo: ENNT122

Born: 04/04/1998

Scandal was Senior Champion in Melbourne 2000 and Senior Champion at the Hereford Feature Show Sydney Royal 2001 under International judge Dr Fernando Alfonso from Uruguay. His sons at Ennerdale have sold to $9,000.


Greensborough Bill (AI) (P)

Greensborough Bill (AI) (P)

Tattoo: RRGW4

Born: 15/05/2001

Ennerdale purchased Bill as a 10 month old calf at Sydney Royal 2002. He was the first Poll sire purchased by Ennerdale where he proved to be a very safe and sound acquisition. He was a bull with good constitution, terrific feet and temperament and was still working at 13 years of age. His dam was a wonderful matron for the Greensborough stud, producing a full brother to Bill (Greensborough Will) who sold for $33,000 at the Dubbo National in 1999.



Markowen Intruder 2 (P)

Markowen Intruder 2 (P)

Tattoo: SMOC87

Born: 17/08/2007

Purchased privately by Ennerdale for $10,000 in 2009. This bull’s dam also produced Markowen Intruder (P) sold to Allendale and Yalgoo Poll Hereford studs for $17,000 and Markowen Intruder E54 used at Yambro Stud. He has left some very productive females.